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Dallas man accused of 'doctor shopping' for prescription drugs

As Mitch Sneed reports for the Douglas County Sentinel, a 39-year-old man from Dallas, Texas, has been charged with "doctor shopping" to get multiple types of prescription drugs, including Oxycontin and Xanex.

There are 47 counts total, meaning that the man faces serious consequences for illegal possession of prescription drugs.

As Sneed reports, the judge said, "I think you will need some sort of long-term treatment program to help you get away from these drugs. They can ruin your life as you are now seeing first hand."

The different prescription drugs the 39-year-old obtained from various doctors includes drugs that affect the nerves, drugs to alleviate pain, and drugs to relax muscles. Sneed characterizes them as "popular" and "mind-altering."

The man was able to continue his doctor shopping for longer than one year, according to police, primarily because the state in which he doctor shopped (Georgia) doesn't have a comprehensive reporting system in place to track such things.

Source: Doctor shopping for drugs leads to 47 charges for Dallas man

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