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Dallas is major hub for drug cartels

"They have familial roots here," says the DEA's James Capra, as Melissa Correa reports for the Borderland Beat. "Some of them grew up here, have families here, have established networks here."

Capra is referring to the city of Dallas, a "hub" for everyone from drug mules who smuggle marijuana on their backs to high-level cartel operatives who speak directly to cartel leaders in Mexico.

Many drug charges in Dallas are the direct result of cartel activity.

"We've had illegals. We've had American citizens. You name it, we've had it across the gamut," Capra says. The DEA agent's comments suggest that Dallas is a major hub through which much of the Mexican cartels' drugs flow.

In fact, Capra says that 12 Dallas homicides were tracked back to the cartels - a pretty significant number.

In related news, the Mexican state of Sinaloa had one of its entire police departments - 32 officers in all - disarmed and arrested for their involvement with the cartels, including homicide. Sinaloa Gov. Mario Lopez Valdez says that he will not give up the fight against the criminals involved with the cartels, including "those who wear a uniform."

Source: Borderland Beat, "Drug Cartels Operating Out of Dallas," by Melissa Correa, 11/16/11

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