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One of the biggest marijuana drug busts in Texas

Law enforcement is "anticipating more arrests" in a recent marijuana drug bust in which authorities discovered roughly 22,000 pounds - or $10 million worth - of marijuana hidden inside tanker trucks, as Andy Cerota reports for ABC 13 News.

The drug bust, which will inevitably lead to charges of drug trafficking if all goes right for law enforcement, is apparently one of the largest busts ever to happen during a holiday weekend (the drug bust occurred over Memorial Day weekend).

Department of Homeland Security Special Agent Michael Booker said, "These tankers were rigged so that if you tested them, some product or air would flow out of them so law enforcement wouldn't get suspicious," as Cerota reports.

Booker also said, "Summer is heating up and so is the narcotics transportation business. They are trying to get their product in to move it, to make a profit, and obviously we are doing our best to stop that."

Booker said that the drug smugglers sprayed mud on the tanker trucks to make it appear as though the tanker trucks had been driving on dirt roads (the tanker trucks were "clones" of a real Mexican company that transports gas). But the mud was not sprayed correctly, as the mud flaps themselves were totally clean.

The tanker trucks were headed to Houston but were stopped in El Campo. It's unclear what exactly led to the stop, but three people were arrested in connection with the drug bust, and law enforcement believes there will be more arrests.

Source: ABC 13 News, "Record marijuana bust nets 22,000 pounds," by Andy Cerota, June 2, 2011

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