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19-year-old to serve 25 years for alleged sexual assault in Texas

In Texas, a man was recently convicted of sexually assaulting a child while at an in-home day car center. This story should make you curious about how the investigation played out, because the man allegedly was not at the day care at the point during which the child was molested. The child's parents and prosecutors believe the child was assaulted twice.

The facts of the story state that there was a 4-year-old boy who told his parents that he had been molested by the 19-year-old man. The 19-year-old denied the allegation of abuse. He apparently was spending the night with a friend at the home when the victim was allegedly abused.

Dallas Cowboy Leary pleads guilty on DWI charge

A National Football League player recently entered a guilty plea to a charge of driving while intoxicated. Ronald Leary, a 25-year-old starting guard for the Dallas Cowboys, was set to proceed with a trial in the criminal matter when he changed his mind and pleaded guilty.

According to Dallas television station NBC-5, the pro football player will be placed on probation for a year and a half and pay a fine of $1,000. His criminal defense attorney said in an interview with the Dallas Morning News after the court appearance that "[t]he sentence he received was in line with a typical first-time DWI punishment. It was just a momentary error in judgement (sic) that will not be repeated."

Texas halfway houses for sex offenders scrutinized

Dallas residents may be surprised to learn that some of those convicted of sex offenses in Texas can wind up serving portions of their sentences in halfway houses scattered throughout the state. But for many of those inmates, that will be changing on or before July 28.

Avalon Correctional Services is a company based out of Oklahoma that oversees the housing of a large percentage of those considered to be the worst sex offenders in the state of Texas. Officials with Avalon have demanded that 60 men convicted of sex crimes who are now living in three halfway houses in Dallas, El Paso and Fort Worth be removed from their premises.

Man arrested for failing to register as a sex offender in Texas

If you've been charged with a sex crime in Texas, you may be interested in this news about a man who was on the Most Wanted Sex Offenders list. He's allegedly been caught in California, and now he's going to be brought back to Texas for a trial. This case is interesting because he has not committed any further sex crimes, but he's instead being arrested for failing to register as a sex offender.

You should be aware that if you're convicted of a sex crime and don't register as a sex offender in your area where you live or move, you can be arrested. That's what is essentially happening to this 60-year-old man who was living in Los Angeles.

Steroid ring busted in Dallas

Dallas bodybuilders and weightlifters who use performance-enhancing illegal drugs to bulk up may have to locate a new supplier after Drug Enforcement Administration agents recently busted up a steroid ring based in the city. According to court documents, 11 men were arrested on charges that include conspiracy to distribute cocaine, heroin, gamma hydroxybutyrate and anabolic steroids. There is an additional charge of possessing a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime also, and since various documents are sealed and unavailable, there may be additional charges forthcoming. Agents filed the case four months ago.

The spokeswoman for the Eastern District of Texas’ branch of the U.S. attorney’s office clarified that the steroids they were manufacturing were not just for the arrested men’s personal use but were being sold to others, including weightlifters and competitive bodybuilders.

Statutory rape explained in movie to relax viewers

Within the American culture, it's clear that statutory rape isn't always black-and-white. In fact, sometimes, even people close in age can be charged with a rape crime just because of a few years of age difference. When this issue was potentially a problem in the latest Transformers movie, audiences may have been surprised by the steps taken to explain why the characters weren't getting in trouble for their relationship.

The story about this movie is interesting because it illustrates something that can take place in Texas. In the movie, a father is upset because his underage daughter is dating a 20-year-old man. He threatens to call the cops. Realistically, there was no problem at all. The entire case falls under something called a "Romeo and Juliet" law, which allows relationships between individuals close in age who had previously met as minors. For instance, a 17-year-old who is now with an 18-year-old could, technically, be in an illegal relationship if this law wasn't in place, even though they may have started dating when the 17-year-old was 16 and the 18-year-old was 17.

Texas woman accused of child sexual assault in Houston

A 29-year-old Texas woman has been accused of having sex with two teenage boys in her backyard swimming pool in Houston. Allegedly, she invited the 16- and 14-year-old boys to take off their clothes and go for a swim before having sex with them. The woman now faces two charges of child sexual assault.

The accusations against the woman came following one of the boys telling his mother about the incident. According to authorities, the boys had been helping the woman remodel a shed behind her home, which is located in a suburb of Houston.

Dallas drug charges lead to forfeitures

While some states are legalizing marijuana or relaxing the criminal penalties for possession of the substance, Texas law enforcement is focusing its attention on arresting those involved in the sale of "synthetic cannabanoids."

Also known on the street as fake pot, the chemical mixtures that are supposed to give users the highs of marijuana have been linked to numerous overdoses in 2013 in the Dallas metropolitan area. Dallas law enforcement conducted one of the largest busts of the faux marijuana in our nation's history. In the process, they seized a chain of head shops based in Dallas called Gas Pipe.

Denton teacher facing child porn charges accused before

The Denton Record-Chronicle obtained documents with an open-records request that appear to indicate that a 38-year-old former Denton High School journalism teacher who stands accused of possession of child pornography has faced these types of allegations elsewhere in Texas.

Allegations against him of inappropriate activity with students go back more than 10 years to when he was employed by Tarrant County's White Settlement School District. In 2003, records indicate that school district officials made the State Board for Educator Certification aware of complaints that the intermediate schoolteacher was allegedly involved in some form of "teacher-student sexual harassment."

Texas man faces drunk driving charges after crashing truck

If you're stopped for driving under the influence, you might have to defend yourself in court against the charges. Even being slightly over the limit can result in significant fines and possible jail time. Having a good defense is also important to protect your reputation and prevent any further damage to your life. One man in Texas is facing DWI charges for a crash he was involved in. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but that doesn't prevent police from charging a driver with a crime if they have been drinking behind the wheel..

The 59-year-old man is not facing his first offense either, but this is his second offense for driving under the influence, according to the authorities. There was no information regarding his previous charge. The man crashed his truck at around 10:30 p.m. on June 21; fortunately, no other vehicles were involved.

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