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DWI arrests may be on rise in Texas in coming weeks

You should notice that during times of summer vacations and holidays, the roads in your area of Texas start to seem a little more congested. Because of that fact, and the way drinking and driving rates can grow during holidays, Texas troopers are adding patrols for a longer-than-two-week period.

An Aug. 16 report stated that the enforcement effort will be completed to help keep drunken drivers off the roads. The extra patrols started Friday, Aug. 15, and they will extend through Sept. 2.

Possession of child porn can be accidental

Dallas residents may not realize it, but children who are portrayed in child pornography are not just victimized during the violation but again and again every time that image is disseminated and accessed.

The very nature of the internet makes controlling child pornography quite a challenge. The web is a decentralized system without one agency controlling it or the vast troves of images and information stored digitally. Many different paths may be used to arrive at the same destination. Block one network avenue, three more spring up.

2 busts lead to weapon, drug charges for 4 Texas residents

Four Texas residents are facing serious criminal allegations after they allegedly produced and distributed illegal substances in Liberty County and Montgomery County. The defendants, who range in age from 29 to 43, are accused of a variety of drug offenses and weapons violations, among other allegations. Authorities say they seized a significant amount of crack cocaine and marijuana during two recent raids at the defendants' homes.

Official reports show that two raids occurred during the last week of July: one in Liberty County and the other in Montgomery County. In the Liberty County bust, three defendants were identified and accused of manufacturing a controlled substance. Additional charges of possession of marijuana are also pending. Investigators reportedly found more than a pound and a half of crack cocaine that had been packaged for distribution on the street. Nearly 15 pounds of marijuana was also apparently uncovered at that location, along with prescription narcotics that had also been packaged for resale. An additional search at a nearby bank in Humble also revealed a significant amount of cash thought to be related to the distribution operation.

German shepherd aids in arrests for drug offenses

Just a little over an hour's drive north of Dallas in Grayson County, law enforcement personnel have revealed their newest "weapon" in combating the methamphetamine problem in their area. His name is Thor, and he hails from the Czech Republic.

Thor is Grayson County's special four-footed deputy, a German shepherd specially trained to sniff out illegal drugs beside his partner, a fellow deputy working highway interdiction in the Lone Star state.

Texas man faces charges in accident that kills 1

A truck driver from Garland, Texas, was charged with a second degree felony, intoxication manslaughter, after an alleged drunk driving crash in which he was involved resulted in the death of an 83-year-old woman, according to reports from police.

The 67-year-old man was the driver of a dump truck that was fully loaded and traveling through Wylie on Highway 78. The Wylie police chief said that at approximately 10:50 a.m., a Nissan four-door sedan driven by a 77-year-old man pulled out in front of the truck driver. He was allegedly unable to stop and smashed into the passenger side of the Nissan. The elderly woman passenger was killed almost immediately. The Nissan driver was transported to the Medical Center of Plano in unknown condition.

Texas man charged with child pornography possession

Here's an interesting story out of Texas about how one man got arrested due to a tip from Google. The man was allegedly promoting child porn online. Being accused of child pornography is clearly a serious charge, and this man deserves the chance to explain himself despite claims of being involved with illegal materials. You deserve that same chance if you're charged with this crime, too.

In this man's case, the 41-year-old man from Houston was allegedly in possession of child pornography when Google sent a tip to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The man allegedly had been sending explicit images of a young girl to a friend when the images were detected by Google. Those images led to Google calling the authorities.

Man to serve 60 years in prison for child pornography charges

You may have heard about this recent ruling by a Texas judge. The judge has decided to sentence a former state geologist to an extensive sentence of 60 years in prison for the promotion and possession of child pornography. The geologist in question is 61 years old, so he may never be released from prison during his lifetime.

This man is planning to appeal, and if you were in this situation, you may as well. The ruling essentially gives the man a life sentence, despite the judge ruling a specific time period. If you were in the same situation, you may chose to appeal to reduce the length of time, since it otherwise means you'd perhaps serve the remainder of your life behind bars.

Statutory rape and the age of consent in Texas

Texas is not a state that's known for coddling its criminals, so it behooves residents of all ages to be very aware of the age of consent to engage in any kind of sex acts.

According to, Texas is one of the nine states with an age of consent of 17. However, the state sets the minimum age of 14 as long as there is an age differential of three years or less. In all cases, the sex must be consensual.

19-year-old to serve 25 years for alleged sexual assault in Texas

In Texas, a man was recently convicted of sexually assaulting a child while at an in-home day car center. This story should make you curious about how the investigation played out, because the man allegedly was not at the day care at the point during which the child was molested. The child's parents and prosecutors believe the child was assaulted twice.

The facts of the story state that there was a 4-year-old boy who told his parents that he had been molested by the 19-year-old man. The 19-year-old denied the allegation of abuse. He apparently was spending the night with a friend at the home when the victim was allegedly abused.

Dallas Cowboy Leary pleads guilty on DWI charge

A National Football League player recently entered a guilty plea to a charge of driving while intoxicated. Ronald Leary, a 25-year-old starting guard for the Dallas Cowboys, was set to proceed with a trial in the criminal matter when he changed his mind and pleaded guilty.

According to Dallas television station NBC-5, the pro football player will be placed on probation for a year and a half and pay a fine of $1,000. His criminal defense attorney said in an interview with the Dallas Morning News after the court appearance that "[t]he sentence he received was in line with a typical first-time DWI punishment. It was just a momentary error in judgement (sic) that will not be repeated."

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