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Sex crime charges? Battle online evidence in Texas

When you're accused of a crime, you deserve the right to defend yourself. What if the people who are supposed to listen to you don't? It's rare that a case is really as black-and-white as it looks, and there is no reason that you should be seen as guilty before being proven so.

With cases where you're being charged with the solicitation of a minor online, it can be frustrating to try to prove that it wasn't you or that alleged evidence was taken out of context. The main question you're probably asking yourself is if the evidence that the police say they have is really enough to accuse you of such a serious sex crime. If your case is balanced on only a piece or two of tentative evidence, that's when you need to make sure you're being defended properly. If there isn't enough evidence, the cause should be dismissed.

Drug possession statutes in Texas

Whether you are a permanent resident of Texas or just attending one of the universities here, it's important to have a basic knowledge of the state's drug statutes to avoid running afoul of the law.

While Texas law divides drugs under different classifications known as Schedule I, Schedule II, Schedule III, Schedule IV and Schedule V, marijuana is classified independently of the others.

Know your options in your sexual assault case in Texas

In a previous blog on the website, you learned about the different kinds of defenses that can be used in your sexual assault case in Texas. Innocence, of course, is one of those defenses, but there are also others like misidentification or even the consent of the person claiming to be a victim of sexual assault.

Knowing what to do in different situations can mean the difference between fines and jail time or walking out of the courtroom as a free person. There are real reasons for defending yourself besides proving your innocence; your future, including your future jobs and even family relationships, could be in harm's way.

What defenses can be used in sexual assault cases?

Dallas residents charged with sexual assault should understand the seriousness of the allegation(s) that have the potential to send them away to prison for a very long time. But they may also wonder which defenses can be used by a skilled attorney to get them acquitted in court.

Several defenses can counter charges of sexual assault. Innocence is the preferred defense of many in such cases. To claim innocence as a credible defense, the accused may have a solid alibi that places him in another location during the time the alleged victim was being assaulted. Substantiating evidence of a claim of innocence could include plane, train or even toll tickets and motel receipts clearly indicating his presence elsewhere at the time of the assault. Corroborating witnesses to the fact are also helpful.

Child pornography: Operation Predator defined

When you're being investigated for a child pornography accusation, it's your right to know who is doing so and what they're looking for. The Department of Homeland Security developed an operation called Operation Predator. That project focuses on identifying, investigating and arresting child predators.

They look for people who have possessed, traded or produced child porn. The agents also look for people who may be engaging in the sex trafficking of children. Since it's also an international operation, the agents may look into those who traveled overseas for sex with children as well.

What is Texas law about possessing synthetic drugs?

Some Dallas residents may wonder what the law states regarding the synthetic drugs that are often marketed under the categories of bath salts, herbal incense and spice.

In 2011, Texas legislators passed S.B. No. 331, which criminalized the possession, use and distribution of these counterfeit drugs that mimic the effects of marijuana, methamphetamine and other illegal drugs.

Child porn suspect needs psychiatric evaluation in Texas

When you're charged with a crime that you don't understand, you may be one of the many people who can undergo a psychiatric evaluation. There are many reasons a person's mental health could cause them to do things they wouldn't otherwise think about, which may be what happened in this case out of Texas.

A child porn suspect has been indicted recently after agents reportedly found hundreds of videos on his electronic devices. The report states that the Department of Homeland Security Investigations found over 800 images and 300 video on the man's devices. In total, the man's laptop, iPad, five external hard drives, two memory cards, two USB thumb drives and an iPhone were seized by the authorities.

Criminal solicitation of a minor in Texas

Dallas residents may have seen on TV some of the online stings police and federal agents set up to nab adults suspected of online solicitation of minors.

The plethora of chatrooms, social media sites and online interest groups all over the web makes it easier than ever before for adults and minors with no prior connection to interact together online. In cases where adults get charged with sex crimes, often the first alleged interaction occurs online.

Man faces life in prison over 9-year-old's claims of sexual abuse

If you're charged with a sex crime, you know that it could change your life. You can face time in prison as well as other penalties. Your reputation is important, which is why you should aim to protect yourself and identity from the media. For this case, even if the man is proven innocent, he's already had allegations, along with his image, throughout news sources.

A man who was previously suspected of sex crimes has now had another allegation placed against him by a 9-year-old child. The girl claims that she was sexually abused in her South Austin neighborhood. The child named the man as the person who was hurting her; she claimed the abuse was happening for the several years.

DWI arrests may be on rise in Texas in coming weeks

You should notice that during times of summer vacations and holidays, the roads in your area of Texas start to seem a little more congested. Because of that fact, and the way drinking and driving rates can grow during holidays, Texas troopers are adding patrols for a longer-than-two-week period.

An Aug. 16 report stated that the enforcement effort will be completed to help keep drunken drivers off the roads. The extra patrols started Friday, Aug. 15, and they will extend through Sept. 2.

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